How To Scale A Business

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How To Scale A BusinessI recently watched an internet business building presentation by Rich Schefren that talked about How To Scale A Business. After some self reflection time, I realized that for years now I’ve been doing some things very right and some things completely wrong and I wanted to share with you the key takeaway that resonated with me from Rich’s presentation.

First off, in my line of work I’m fortunate in that I get to talk with and learn from a lot of various entrepreneurs, affiliates, internet marketers and business owners from around the world. What struck me is that most of our discussions are so focused on Local SEO, Social Media and other Internet Marketing Strategies that we tend to neglect the examination of our processes and systems that scale a business to it’s maximum potential. Now I’m not saying that we never talk about how to scale a business, semi-automation or that we don’t have systems in place, of course we do. It’s more about understanding that in order to have a happier life, more free time and build a multi-million dollar business (or whatever your goal is) you need to analyze how effective these systems are, which ones are flawed and which ones you are missing.

“Why We Should Look At Process Mapping”? Here’s a list from a presentation slide.

1. Processes are how the work gets done in an organization.
2. It is nearly impossible to achieve optimum performance with flawed processes.
3. We often blame workers for process issues that they have no control over.
4. Focusing on processes provides a focus for production and quality improvement
5. Increase cost-savings
6. Because there is simply no way you can design the optimal way of doing things unless you’ve written it down and mapped it out.

Rich Schefren on how to scale a business.

Business Process Mapping: I’m still working 80+ hour work weeks to this day and haven’t taken a “real” vacation in years and it’s all because I’m not building enough of my systems correctly so that my business is highly scalable and I happen to be a control freak.  Sure, sales for 2010 were at an all time high and we now have 1 full-time and 3 part-time employees but my daily involvement in the company does not have an end in site and I want to change that.

“The goal of every entrepreneur, affiliate or business owner should be to create systems that will run and grow the business with or without you being there” – K

I hope Rich’s presentation on how to scale a business resonated with you as well. If you’re looking for some more information on how to scale a business check out these articles from Six Sigma’s website.

Here are just a few of the processes you should be mapping out.

1. Choosing Outsourcers
2. Recruiting Joint Venture Partners
3. Recruiting Affiliates
4. List Building Activities
5. Product Rollouts
6. Website Design Setups and Maintenance
7. Testing Protocols
8. How Metrics are Collected and Tabulated
9. Continual Improvement Mechanism
10. PPC Rollout and Management
11. Google Adwords Setup
12. Continual Education
13. Link Building
14. Reducing Refunds
15. Domain Acquisitions
16. Email Marketing
17. Content Generation
18. Automating or Semi-Automating Tasks
19. Customer Service
20. Training

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  1. stevie

    Jan 31st, 2011

    Very informative, you hit it right on the mark. There is a lot of work to any type of business. The more organized you are the more profitable your business will be. Great list of processes…