Love Goel: Electronic Retailing Association Keynote On Mulitchannel Marketing

by on 30/09/10 at 7:40 pm

Electronic Retailing Association Love Goel KeynoteOne of the best keynotes that I’ve seen in 2010 has got to be from Love Goel at the 2010 ERA D2C Convention. He brings to the table a compelling look at how most traditional executives and investors are stuck in a single channel view of the consumer world and shows how this perception is the kiss of death for retailers and traditional marketers in the consumer sector. This keynote blew my mind.

What Love is talking about isn’t rocket science though and the longer I’ve been in the internet marketing and lead generation business, especially this last year, I’m really starting to get it. As you should already know, consumer behavior has changed dramatically in the last decade as 70%+ of consumers have migrated to a multi-channel world for discovery, research and the purchase of products and services. It’s very apparent after watching Mr. Goel’s keynote that there is a lack of critical skill re-balancing for c-level leaders and boards of directors in the corporate world.

What c-level leaders are (amazingly) failing to realize is that television and radio are now directly competing with the huge surge in user generated content found on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and countless other digital media platforms. And with search engines like Google who have changed the content distribution flux from outbound to inbound there are tons of opportunities for small start-ups to compete and transform their company into the next global brand leaving traditional marketers and legacy brands/sytems in the dust. There are countless c-level executives that just don’t get this and really need to make a paradigm shift quickly or they will soon become obsolete.

ERA D2C Keynote Address – Love Goel

With so many channels competing for the customer’s attention how is it that companies invest so little into search engine optimization, content creation, PPC advertising, affiliate marketing and interactive digital media technologies??? They pay internet marketers the least amount of money while throwing away billions on traditional marketing that they can’t even measure? Wow.

Marketing is more than just advertising, one-way interruption and agencies winning awards. It’s about thought leadership, innovation, synergy, data and an investment strategy based on winning in the marketplace. Consumers are multi-channel. Whether researching that big screen tv purchase or looking for that last minute gift for a friend. Consumers consult everything. They buy because of customer reviews on Yelp or Amazon, or interactive mobile apps like Shopkick, or email blasts from Groupon. Customers want a choice in how they receive their information, take advantage of it.

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  1. admin

    Oct 20th, 2010

    UPDATE: For some reason the Love Goel keynote at the ERA D2C has been taken down from Vimeo. I will be trying to contact them to see if they can repost. The only reason I can think of that they would remove it is because this post ranks on the first page for keywords such as Love Goel, Love Goel keynote, etc. It’s ironic that they are electronic retailers and can’t even utilize and optimize their own social media.

    For the record my intentions were good and even provided a link back to ERA’s channel which outranked this post. I enjoyed Love Goel’s keynote and watched it several times, it made a big impact on my thought process and it’s a shame that Love Goel and the folks at the Electronic Retailing Association would deny the public the pleasure of experiencing Love Goel’s keynote.

    If Love Goel or the folks at the Electronic Retailing Association would like to improve their social media efforts I am available for social media consulting and would be happy to answer any questions that you many have.

  2. Dave Martin

    Oct 27th, 2010

    Unfortunately, Love Goel requested that ERA remove the video from Vimeo and the Internet in general. Our apologies.

  3. admin

    Oct 27th, 2010

    Thanks for the update Dave!

    No apologies necessary. To be honest, I was crushed when the Love Goel video was taken down. I was sending that link to colleagues and thought “that’s exactly what traditional CEO’s, CMO’s etc. need to hear today” and inspired the writing of this post which I don’t do often here. I’m not sure if anyone could have said it any better than Love Goel.

    For our readers, this is an AMAZING example of “failure and success” in social media, video optimization and online reputation management considering the caliber of talent involved. It’s crystal clear that Vice President of Marketing and Content, Dave Martin and the ERA are at the forefront of education, social media, community and thought leadership in the industry.

    You can follow Dave Martin on Twitter at @davemartin_ERA or check out some of the ERA’s upcoming events and educational webinars or visit their newly launched ERA TV for some great video content.