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Social Media Marketing is an area of online advertising that harnesses the power of online networks and user-generated content (UGC) for the purposes of creating brand awareness, increasing website traffic, lead generation, sales and reputation management.

Social Media Marketing

Using social media websites such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Myspace and Yelp has become a daily routine for millions of people around the world and allows businesses and consumers to interact, communicate and share information via highly accessible online and mobile platforms with a global reach that rivals all of traditional media combined.

Chicago Social Media Marketing Consultants

Our social media marketing consultants can identify, develop and execute a cost-effective social media marketing campaign that allows you to join their conversation and engage the target audience with almost limitless reach. By utilizing social media companies are now gaining valuable market insight into customer purchasing behavior, competitive intelligence, industry trends and consumer opinion which has a direct and surprisingly noticeable impact improving a companies sales and customer satisfaction.

Social Media Marketing Consultants in chicago

Popular social media websites that utilize multi-media and multi-platform channels like YouTube are a great low-cost avenue (compared with traditional media and direct response media) of increasing brand awareness and product visibility while generating additional traffic outside of normal search and display advertising.

Chicago Social Media Consultants

Social media marketing is not a passing fad. It is an important change and a milestone when it comes to understanding consumer and buyer behavior and is affecting the way we do business today and even more so tomorrow. Although many companies are aware of the significance of social media they attempt to tap into social media marketing without strong strategic planning soon to find that the results are confusing, time consuming and ultimately gets expensive.

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At Searchoneweb our social media consultants vast marketing experience helps you take advantage of social media by bridging the gap between the world-wide web and traditional marketing environments with proven strategies that create exponential growth in subscribers, brand awareness, lead generating, word-of-mouth and sales. Call (773) 564-9988 today for a free social media consultation. We are based in Chicago, Illinois and specialize in local online lead generation and nationwide.
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